Hot, smelly and unsanitary conditions are what we’ve come to expect before stepping into an enclosed portable toilet.  We shouldn’t need to brace for entry. The Kros provides all males an easy way to urinate, eliminating the mess created by the lack of aim. Not only that, but offensive odors are addressed using a neutralizing, non-toxic solution. 

Porta Potties Less crowded and cleaner for usage. 

The Kros was invented to remedy the unpleasant experience of waiting on long lines at large events. Employing the Kros allows everyone to experience shorter lines and less wait time. Returning to the event sooner enhances the enjoyment for everyone. 


Manufactured with one mold, there are no moveable parts, making the unit easy to transport, clean and service. The durability of this long lasting unit will provide a good return on your investment.

With less headaches.

Space and time are limited, so it’s important to us that both are treated as such. Employing Kros Urinals will free up valuable space that can be utilized for more important objectives such as higher attendance, installing refreshment stands and increasing souvenir sales by allowing additional vendors in to sell product at any large outdoor venue. Or, for spaces sake, just letting it be.

Productivity equals profits.